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Keith Oswald, Chief Academic Officer, School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach, FL

SAT School Day is all about access and equity—removing the barriers that students face in having to get to an SAT location on a Saturday—and building college aspiration.

Jeffrey Miller, Executive Director of College Readiness, Grand Prairie ISD, Grand Prairie, TX

Students are excited to have this opportunity. It gets them thinking about their future—and helps us engage them in meaningful conversation about what they plan to do when they graduate.

Sara, Senior, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

If the only option were to take the SAT on a Saturday, many students wouldn’t have access. SAT School Day lets students test in familiar surroundings, with friends and faculty they know.

Paula Barnhouse, Director of Guidance and Counseling, Irving ISD, Irving, TX

Feedback from students makes SAT School Day well worth the effort—Wow, I really can go to college!—as does the 10% increase in enrollment in 4-year colleges.

Clear your students' path to college and career with SAT School Day.

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Level the playing field for every student

SAT School Day lets you give every student the opportunity to earn SAT scores that can help them stand out to colleges, from the comfort of their own classrooms.


When students take the SAT in school during the school day, they don’t have to juggle weekend responsibilities or find transportation. Plus, SAT School Day provides four free score sends for all test takers, and additional benefits for low-income students.


Students have lower stress levels when they test in a familiar setting with people they know. They’re also better prepared and rested on a school day.

World-class practice

Nothing builds confidence like practice. Students can access free, personalized SAT test prep on Khan Academy® to help them score their very best! Plus, they could earn money for college through the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program.

The partnership with Khan Academy enables all students to get the top-quality preparation they need to do their best.

Set your students up for success

Learn more about how SAT School Day can benefit your school and students.

Continuously improve outcomes

Schools participating in SAT School Day get all the benefits of the SAT Suite of Assessments—an integrated system of tests that provides consistent feedback on where students excel and where they could use some work.

The SAT Suite delivers valuable data in one online score reporting portal. Educators and students can easily view, sort, and analyze score data from every test in the suite to inform instruction.

SAT Suite of Assessments Overview (.pdf/842KB)

The SAT Suite of Assessments allows us to measure student progress from point to point, and make targeted interventions with our curriculum to better prepare them for college.

Nearly 4.3 million students in over 3,000 districts and 10,000 schools have participated in SAT School Day.*

*Until 2018, SAT School Day was not available in some locations.

For these early adopters in Texas, the results have been extraordinary:

  • “Our SAT participation increased from 35% on a Saturday to 92% on a school day.”

    —Brenda Carter, Advanced Academics High School Coordinator, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

  • “School Day SAT makes college admissions possible for our Irving ISD scholars! Our participation has increased from 25% to 90% over the past six years!

    —Dr. Tracey Brown, Director of Guidance, Counseling, & College Readiness, Irving ISD, Irving, TX

  • “In 3 years, we saw a 300% increase in college scholarships and financial aid.”

    —Jennifer Ertel, Director of Innovative and Postsecondary Programming, Houston ISD, Houston, TX