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Sharon Meng, Assistant Superintendent, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

Administering SAT School Day is a seamless process that is easier on students. The College Board helps ensure success by providing guidance every step of the way.

Jennifer Ertel, College Readiness Senior Manager, Houston ISD, Houston TX

SAT School Day not only breaks down barriers to access, but builds confidence. When students take the test at school, where they recognize friends and faculty, it makes all the difference in their scores.

Ziik, Junior, School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach, FL

Students report having less anxiety when they can test in a place they know, and are also better rested and prepared when they can test on a regular school day.

Paula Barnhouse, Director of Guidance and Counseling, Irving ISD, Irving, TX

The SAT more closely aligns with the college readiness skills we’re teaching in school, and the scoring provides actionable feedback for faculty and students.

Cultivate college readiness in all of your students with SAT School Day.

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Elevate your students

The valuable resources that come with SAT School Day let you give all your students the chance to show colleges they’re ready.

Free, personalized practice

Students who sign up for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® get a personalized study plan, so they can focus on the skills they need to work on most. Plus, they could earn money for college through the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program. Educators can use the coaching tools to view practice and progress for entire classes and individual students.

Benefits for low-income students

Eligible 11th- and 12-grade students can take the SAT and apply to four colleges—for free. They also get eight score reports (versus the traditional four) for college or scholarship applications.

College and career planning tools

Students who take any tests in the SAT Suite can access Career Finder, an engaging online experience that lets them make smart, informed decisions about their future major and career that reflect on their passions and interests.

Simplify testing and reporting

Not only is SAT School Day convenient for students, it also lets your school maximize resources and make informed curriculum decisions.

Easy to order

For the first time, the entire SAT Suite of Assessments—including the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9—is available to order online, all in one place. Schools can order SAT School Day test materials and districts can monitor school orders through a district dashboard.

Easy to run assessments in parallel

Schools have the option to offer the PSAT-related assessments and SAT School Day on the same day to minimize disruption, instill a college-going culture, and streamline test administrations.

Easy to monitor progress

The tests in the SAT Suite have a common score scale, making it easy to track performance across tests, measure growth, and identify areas where students need work. Educators and students can access detailed score data in one online score reporting portal.

SAT Suite of Assessments Overview (.pdf/842KB)

We give the SAT to all of our students during a regular school day, at their home school—and proctor it with our own people so the kids are comfortable.

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Nearly 4.3 million students in over 3,000 districts and 10,000 schools have participated in SAT School Day.*

*Until 2018, SAT School Day was not available in some locations.

For these early adopters in Texas, the results have been extraordinary:

  • “Our SAT participation increased from 35% on a Saturday to 92% on a school day.”

    —Brenda Carter, Advanced Academics High School Coordinator, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

  • “School Day SAT makes college admissions possible for our Irving ISD scholars! Our participation has increased from 25% to 90% over the past six years!

    —Dr. Tracey Brown, Director of Guidance, Counseling, & College Readiness, Irving ISD, Irving, TX

  • “In 3 years, we saw a 300% increase in college scholarships and financial aid.”

    —Jennifer Ertel, Director of Innovative and Postsecondary Programming, Houston ISD, Houston, TX