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Jeffrey Miller, Executive Director of College Readiness, Grand Prairie ISD, Grand Prairie, TX

Many students show potential for advancement, but don't take advantage of the SAT for a variety of reasons—mostly socioeconomic. Bringing the SAT directly to them creates new opportunity.

Keith Oswald, Chief Academic Officer, School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach, FL

Building college aspirations is the goal. We have a moral and ethical responsibility to make sure students are able to compete, and that our country is in a better place.

Dr. Sharon Meng, Assistant Superintendent, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

SAT School Day helps move the culture of many of our schools from minimums and remediation to a college-going culture—an environment where children dream.

Sara, Senior, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

In low-income neighborhoods, SAT School Day gives students a chance to excel in spite of their financial situations.

Enhance the college-going culture in your schools with SAT School Day.

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Make opportunity universal

Learn how offering the SAT during the school day opens doors to college for more students.

Simple Way to Help Low-Income Students: Make Everyone Take SAT or ACT offers insights on how universal SAT testing can reduce radical, ethnic and income disparities.

“Evidence shows that if talented low-income students are mentored and coached, they are more likely to go to college, especially to a selective one.”

Study: Universal SAT testing in Virginia would identify more prospective students for major universities examines how offering free admissions tests, like the SAT, would significantly increase access for a broader pool of students at major universities.

“In providing free SAT testing during the school day, we expand the pathway to higher education and help students to see opportunities that they may not have otherwise considered.”

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Help Level the Playing Field of College Admissions shares new research on the effects that retaking college entrance exams has and the finding that underrepresented students are less likely to take it more than once.

“According to the study, equalizing the retake rate by income could close up to 20 percent of the gap in four-year college enrollment between low and high income students.”

Growing Number of California School Districts Offer Students Free College Entrance Exam shows that offering the SAT free sharply increases the number of students who take it—especially among low-income students—and enroll in college.

“It creates a high level of expectations, part of our culture of college and career readiness.”

This study in Maine found that four-year college-going rates among students increased significantly when the SAT was offered statewide.

“For students who were induced to sit for the exam, college enrollment increased by 10 percentage points.”

Urging Students to Apply to College, New York City Will Make SAT Free for Juniors discusses how SAT School Day removes a significant barrier for low-income students.

“By making [the SAT] universal… you make it something that every student who shows up on that day is going to take.”

Lead the charge!

Learn more about the impact SAT School Day can make at your school or district.

Set your schools up for success

Schools participating in SAT School Day get all the benefits of the SAT Suite of Assessments—an integrated system of tests that measures what students are learning in class, and what they need to succeed in college.

The SAT Suite uses a common score scale that provides a clear baseline to measure progress year over year and focuses on areas where students are struggling, so educators can quickly intervene.

SAT Suite of Assessments Overview (.pdf/842KB)

Nearly 4.3 million students in over 3,000 districts and 10,000 schools have participated in SAT School Day.*

*Until 2018, SAT School Day was not available in some locations.

For these early adopters in Texas, the results have been extraordinary:

  • “Our SAT participation increased from 35% on a Saturday to 92% on a school day.”

    —Brenda Carter, Advanced Academics High School Coordinator, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

  • “School Day SAT makes college admissions possible for our Irving ISD scholars! Our participation has increased from 25% to 90% over the past six years!

    —Dr. Tracey Brown, Director of Guidance, Counseling, & College Readiness, Irving ISD, Irving, TX

  • “In 3 years, we saw a 300% increase in college scholarships and financial aid.”

    —Jennifer Ertel, Director of Innovative and Postsecondary Programming, Houston ISD, Houston, TX