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We’ve created this resource page to help you support your students as they participate in the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program. Educators of all experience levels can use these resources to guide students and support them in completing each of the six scholarship steps. For additional resources to help get students started and spread the word about this program to your entire school community, visit the Outreach Resource page.

If you haven't already pledged, we encourage you to join thousands of counselors from across the country and take the pledge and receive a free resource kit to help you support your students as they take these actions.

Pro Tip: Utilize these resources during already planned events to help students opt-in to the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program and complete each step for multiple chances to earn scholarships!

  • Student/Parent nights at your campus
  • College fairs
  • Bulletin boards
  • Classroom activities

Build Your College List ($500)

Many students start their college research too late and don’t explore colleges broadly enough, missing out on schools that could be a great fit for them.

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Practice for the SAT ($1000)

When it comes to improving scores, a little practice goes a long way. A study of 250,000 students from the class of 2017 showed that Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy can help any student improve their scores—regardless of gender, race, income, or high school GPA.

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Improve Your Score ($2,000)

Students who take the SAT more than once see improved scores and significantly increase their likelihood to enroll in a two- or four-year college.

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Strengthen Your College List ($500)

Students often hesitate to change their college application portfolio, even if they learn something new about their SAT scores and admissibility. By having a balanced list, students are adding colleges they may not have considered before. It’s important to build a list that reflects their wants and needs while keeping in mind what colleges can meet those needs and help them succeed.


Complete the FAFSA ($1,000)

Research shows that FAFSA completion drives students to receive more aid, enroll in college, complete their degrees, and increase their later earnings. According to National College Access Network, 90% of high school seniors who complete the FAFSA attend college directly from high school, at higher rates than those who don’t complete the FAFSA.

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Apply to Colleges ($1,000)

Students frequently apply to only a college or two. Additional college applications increase students’ chances of enrolling in a four-year college.

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Complete Your Journey ($40,000)

Students who complete all six actions (Build, Practice, Improve, Strengthen, Complete, and Apply) will earn a chance at a $40,000 scholarship.