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Pledge Your #Collegiance

The 2019 #Collegiance contest is closed.
Class of 2020, check back in spring of 2020 for more information.

2019 Winners

Method #3 - Win

2019 Winners

10 winners were selected based on each submission's aesthetic, creativity, engagement, authenticity, originality, and wow factor.

Between March 15–May 15, more than 900 Class of 2019 students announced their college decision in a creative video. We are pleased to share the 10 video submissions that were selected by our judges as our 2019 #Collegiance Winners.

The Basics of Collegiance

1. Who can pledge?
Only current high school seniors in the U.S. who will be attending college or university—including community college, vocational-technical, and career colleges—in 2019 are eligible to win.

2. The basic rules.
Any music, images, or footage included in your video must be original. You may not use any materials published by a third party that might infringe on third-party rights. We will only consider one video submission that is uploaded to a public Instagram account, per student. Any other form of submissions, such as a carousel or YouTube link will not be considered.

3. Be cool.
Your video must be suitable for public viewing—it must not contain any pornography, nudity, or sexually explicit imagery; obscene, hateful, demeaning, offensive, or abusive imagery or language; harassing, disparaging, or defamatory content; or any other type of indecent content that portrays or encourages illegal activity.

Advice on Making Your Decision

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Off-to-college checklist.

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