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As a counselor, you're in the perfect position to help service members and students at on-base high schools start thinking about college. Be sure to tell your advisees about the resources below, which will help them:

  • checkmark Increase their college readiness
  • checkmark Make informed college choices
  • checkmark Save money as they earn their degree

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Get Students Ready for the SAT

One of the best ways to prepare for the SAT is to use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®. It's online, so there are no heavy books to lug around, and it's the only SAT study tool that's directly connected to the College Board—the maker of the test.

  • It's free.
  • It's personalized.
  • It provides instant performance feedback.
  • It focuses on skills and knowledge students need for college.

Anyone can use a smartphone to study with Official SAT Practice wherever there's an internet connection—on base or off.

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Research shows that just 6–8 hours of study with Official SAT Practice is associated with an average score increase of 90 points.

Students who practice 20 hours could see their score go up an average of 115 points.

Help Students Make College Decisions

Every college is a good fit for some students, but no college is a good fit for every student. Encourage students to think about what’s important to them and look for schools that meet their needs.

The online resources at BigFuture™ can help students decide where to apply. They can search for colleges based on location, size, majors offered, and more. They can also watch videos with real college students talking about their college application experience.

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Help Students Save Money, Earn Credit

CLEP exams allow all students to earn college credit for what they already know at a fraction of the cost of the corresponding college course. There are 33 CLEP subjects and free online courses to help students prepare.

Students can take CLEP exams at over 2,000 on- or off-base test centers at a time that's convenient for them. And if that student is also an eligible service member, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) will take care of the test fees.

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More for the Military

Visit our companion pages to see the college planning information we're giving to service members, their families, and veterans.