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Introducing Career Finder™

Roadtrip Nation® and College Board have partnered to build Career Finder™, a career exploration tool that helps students make informed academic and career decisions based on what truly drives them. It lets students explore careers aligned to their interests, and plan small steps today, to help build their future plan. Students also have access to Roadtrip Nation's video archive to hear from real people with leading roles in diverse industries, and get ideas for small, actionable steps to dig deeper into what they discover.

Career Finder Premium offers enhanced features to students including:

  • Personalized exploration that incorporates their College Board assessment data
  • Local career opportunities with estimated salary ranges so students can see in demand jobs in their area
  • Ability to save and share plans to maximize commitment and action
  • An Expense Calculator to estimate future expenses and better place salary information in context

Career Finder Premium is $3 per student. Access length is one full year (12 months). The following assessments connect to Career Finder Premium: SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9.




Educators and policymakers are interested in helping students understand what career choices are available to them and what skills are needed to be successful in the workforce. Career Finder supports students in this process by providing a tool where they can take ownership of their future by exploring early, all of their college and career interests.

When a student with premium version access links their assessment information to the tool and begins to explore careers, they can see how their performance on a PSAT-related assessment, or the SAT aligns to the quantitative and literacy requirements for a given career. After reviewing careers aligned to interest, students can filter, and sort careers based on their PSAT-related assessment or SAT score profile. If there’s a gap between the expected level of reading, writing, or math for an occupation, the student will be prompted to strengthen that skill—for free—by using Official SAT Practice hosted on Khan Academy®. Access to Career Finder Premium lasts for one full year (12 months).

The College Board, in partnership with the Human Resource Research Organization (HumRRO), linked PSAT-related assessment and SAT score metrics and occupational knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) requirements identified in the Department of Labor O*NET database (the nation’s primary source of occupational data, with standardized data on close to 1,000 occupations). This places these test scores and O*NET KSA level ratings on a common metric, which can help students identify occupations that may be a good fit for them based on their score profile.

Career Finder is available to any student with a College Board account and can be accessed through College Board’s score reporting portal or on Roadtrip Nation. The tool is optimized for mobile but also available on desktop.

Once a student consents to link their account with Roadtrip Nation, they’ll answer a few quick questions about what they like and start exploring careers of interest.

The premium version of Career Finder™ can be purchased by a school, district, or state as an add-on to an administered PSAT-related assessment or the SAT. Students can get started once they’re enrolled in the premium program.

After building a plan based on careers of interest, the tool generates recommended next steps, that students can share with a counselor, teacher, parent, or other caring individual. Students can adjust interests, preferences, and careers at any time during the access period, and they can update their plans and share new versions as they do.

Educators can access the free version of the tool at any time through the College Board administrator portal to view Roadtrip Nation videos. We recommend that educators sit with students who have premium access as they log in to their account and build a plan.

For more information, please visit Roadtrip Nation.
For customer support and troubleshooting, please call us at 866-880-6345.