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We require at least one number in your password to make your account more secure.

Good passwords:

  • Contain 7–15 characters—the more the better.
  • Have at least one number.
  • Are changed periodically.
  • Are unique but easy to remember.
  • Are hard for someone else to guess. For example, if everyone knows you love peanut butter, don't make your password "peanutbutter." But you could make it "ILPBIMN1S" ("I love peanut butter it's my No.1 snack").

Bad passwords:

  • Use words or phrases with which you're easily identified.
  • Are names, such as your IM nickname, a pet's name, or any other name associated with you—even if it's doubled (bobbybobby) or some combination of first and last name (bjohnson).
  • Are personal numbers, such as your bank account number, your Social Security number, or your phone number.
  • Use a simple pattern, such as repeated characters, keyboard sequences, or an acronym.

It's a good idea to change your password periodically. And definitely change your password if you've told it to anyone or suspect that someone may have access to your account.

Still have a question?

  • See all account help FAQs.
  • Call us at 866-315-6068.
  • Email us at any of the addresses below:

SAT: Contact SAT Support
PSAT-related assessments: [email protected]
AP: Contact AP Services for Students
CLEP: Contact CLEP Services 
General questions: Contact us